Hello Shelf

All Hello Shelf strains are $15 a gram or $70 a quarter!!

While supplies last.

Top Shelf

All Top Shelf strain are $200 oz. except for

Purple Candy is $25 eights and $175 oz.

While supplies last.

Mid Shelf

Blue Monster, Sweet Valley Kush, Bubba Kush, Lemon OG Kush, Royal Haze and LA Cheese are $175 oz.

House Mix is $5 grams and all the rest of Mid Shelf strain are $150 oz.

While supplies last.

18207 W. 8 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48219 


Open 7 Days a week 10am-8pm!!

Visiting Hello Wellness:

​ ​You must always have your  Michigan Driver License or  Michigan State ID and Michigan  Medical Marijuana Card with you!!!